3 Ways To Reuse Filing Cabinets

The world has gone digital. As businesses convert more of their storage to digital files, many of them are selling off unneeded filing cabinets and you might even have a cabinet of your own taking up space that could be repurposed. Here are three ways you can repurpose a filing cabinet.

Kitchen Furniture

Used office file cabinets can be repurposed into a variety of useful kitchen furniture. Attach some wheels to the bottom, a storage rack to the side and slap a butcher block on the top and you’ve got a unique and functional rolling cart, with built-in drawers for storage. With very little modification, you can spruce up a filing cabinet to make some additional storage for pantry items and kitchen equipment.

Office Furniture

If you have a pair of small filing cabinets, you could turn them into a custom computer desk. The cabinets can serve as both the legs of the desk and storage. Just add a tabletop and some paint and you’re done. You could also simply leave the cabinets as they are and use the drawers to store your office supplies. A repurposed filing cabinet can also make a nice printer stand with storage for your extra paper and ink cartridges.

Living Room Furniture

You can leave your cabinets in their upright position and turn them into cute accent tables or flip them on their side and add some legs to create a lamp or coffee table that will double as storage. A repurposed filing cabinet could also serve as a place for your knick-knacks or storage for DVDs, Blu-Ray disks, books and video games.

A new coat of paint and a little creativity can take you a long way. Repurposing a filing cabinet can be a great way to create a unique and functional item for your home.