Why Addiction Recovery is a Lifelong Commitment

Some people harbor the misconception that addiction is something that can be cured and forgotten. However, addiction, especially to drugs or other harmful substances, is a hard beast to kick, and it’s a lifelong struggle after the initial clean-up. Why is addiction recovery a lifelong commitment? Read on to inform yourself about the struggles of coming clean from addiction.

Addiction Changes the Wiring in Someone’s Brain

When you become addicted to something—regardless of what it is, your brain becomes hardwired to expect and want whatever you’re addicted to. That addiction leads to feel-good elements in your brain and chemicals that flood your body with anti-stress and all positive vibes. However, when the feel-good wears off, you are left feeling empty without whatever you’re addicted to. And there’s no way to ever really get your brain back to the starting point.

Disease vs. Illness vs. Personal Choice

Is addiction a disease? An illness? Or, a personal choice? Some would argue that it’s all three. But either way, it’s hard to combat. When you become addicted, that chemical becomes your lifeline. You want it so bad that you dream about it and live it every moment of the day. Hardcore addicts feel that their minds are diseased, while others feel it’s an illness that keeps coming back. Regardless, it too often began with personal choice that spiraled out of control.

Addiction is a Chronic, Lifelong Battle

Addiction is something that will forever return and linger. Even when you’ve been clean for years, or decades, your brain will always want what you’ve been addicted to. It’s possible to kick the habit, but the battle is chronic and lifelong. You have to remind yourself of your commitment and reasons on a daily basis.

There is No Cure for Addiction—Simply Work-able, Remedial Commitments

There is never a true, lifelong cure for addictions of any kind. Since your brain and body have been rewired to the feel-good chemicals of an addictive substance, there is no true going back. Some days are better than others, and it is possible to life a happy, healthy life after addiction. Getting better is simply a series of work-able steps, remedial commitments, and personal reasons to stay clean.

There are lots of opinions on addiction, and many people believe it’s strictly related to drugs and alcohol. However, addiction can happen to anyone with any number of things, from something as simple as food, to something as new-age as vapor liquid for e cig. You simply, truly have to fight it and commit to remaining healthy for the sake of yourself and those you love.