Asking Questions Before Being Scanned

Before you go to your imaging appointment, there are some questions that you should ask your healthcare provider as well as the technician who works at the center. These questions can give you a better idea as to what to expect when you have the imaging scan done and what your doctor might be looking for regarding the results of the scan. Find out if imaging centers in Flushing NY accept most insurance policies and how the prices of the procedures offered at a center compared to those from a hospital.

Ask if other doctors in the area recommend the imaging center or if it’s just one that you’re being sent to because there’s nowhere else to go at the time. If it’s not a center that’s recommended, then there’s likely a reason. Sometimes, it’s better to get a second opinion if you don’t feel comfortable with the scan that you’re going to have completed or with the reasons behind getting the scan completed in the first place. The center you go to should be one that’s accredited and that has workers who are professionally licensed as well. Meet with the workers at the center to get a better idea as to their bedside manner and their professional nature.

Find out if the equipment is updated. If the center is using items that aren’t newer, then your results might take a bit longer to come back. Sometimes, the images aren’t quite as clear when older equipment is used. Find out if there will be any kind of additional testing required. If you need more scans, you need to talk to the center to see if they can do everything in one day or if you would need to come back at a later time. An important question if you get anxious would be whether the center offers solutions for those who are claustrophobic, such as an open MRI table.