Bharti Singh regrets of not being able to pursue a career in Riffle shooting

Bharti Singh is one of talented stand-up comedians of our country. The actress, who has been a part of various successful TV shows and Bollywood films, has come a long way in her career.

However, not many are aware that apart from having an impeccable comedy timing, the actress is also great at riffle shooting and archery. Even after achieving name and fame for herself, the comedienne regrets of not being able to pursue a career in Riffle shooting and missing out on representing India at the Olympics.”If not a comedian, I would have been a riffle shooter. You guys would have seen me on TV representing India at the Olympics in riffle shooting or Archery. When I was young I researched about the equipment’s and clothes that are used in the sport and got to know that it cost around Rs 10 lakhs. I told this to my mother and she stared at me astonished as we couldn’t afford the money then. During that time Rs 10 lakh meant a huge amount. It meant getting three daughters married. As a result I had to give up on riffle shooting and archery. I regret a lot about it. Back then I had no money and had time and now I have money, but the time has gone,” she shared.
Bharti Singh is seen tickling our funny bones on ‘Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza’.