Bill Cosby Expects To “Resume” TV & Stand-Up Career Once Rape & Defamation Lawsuits Are Over

The motion comes as part of the defamation case filed against Cosby by several women, in which access to his business records is being sought, including deals with his former representatives at CAA.

Cosby’s legal team is seeking to seal these records, which court briefs say contain information about negotiated compensation, several contracts, and also records pertaining to CAA’s split with Cosby after the sexual assault allegations became public. In the motion, Agrusa argues that releasing them would impact Cosby’s future ability to negotiate deals. “When Mr. Cosby is cleared from all liability and charges, and the impact of Plaintiffs’ defamatory conduct has subsided, he expects to resume his career, and there is no reason to believe otherwise. Disclosure of this type of financial and business information is irreversible. Even after his name is cleared, if released to the public, this information would improperly restrain his employment and tie his hands for renegotiation.”

Cosby also faces criminal charges in Pennsylvania over allegedly sexually assaulting a former employee of Temple University.