How CAD And Cam Help Products Get Made

The Role Of CAD And CAM In Product Development

In today’s work environment, it is important to embrace the technological advancements that make workflow more efficient. This means using the tools that are readily available that will ultimately make you better at performing your job. In the realm of engineering, architecture, and product development, this means becoming proficient in the use of Computer-Aided Design, or CAD and Computer-Aided Manufacturing, or CAM. Understanding and using these technological tools provide flexibility and number of benefits. Let’s discuss what CAD and CAM are, how they are useful, and how to learn to use them.

What Is CAD

CAD is software that helps engineers, architects, product creators in their work by making the design process easier. Within this digital environment, product ideas are able to be constructed in both 2 and 3 dimensions, as well as be rotated, which provide a better view of how things will look and function. The speed of design is also quickened as models can be modified and tested on the fly. CAD software can also be used with other computer programs such as the software used in CAM.

What Is CAM

CAM is the use of software and computer-controlled machines in the creation of various products. There are 3 components that comprise CAM. These are software, machinery, and post-processing. The software is used to create the template or toolpath that instructs the machinery on how to make the product. The machinery turns based material into finished goods. During post-processing, toolpaths are translated into machine language.

Ways To Learn CAD And CAM

CAD and CAM work together to bring products to life. Once engineers work out the design in CAD, it can then be loaded in CAM to be made on machinery such as CNC machines. Because these two disciplines are so closely related, you can typically find cad cam training in the same place. Whether you choose to learn one or both, CAD and CAM instruction is available through traditional schooling as well as institutions that focus only on them.

The results of CAD and CAM technology can be seen daily in the places, products, and things that you encounter on a daily basis. There is growth in the industry and opportunities to become a part of it if you are willing to learn.