A career in the fine arts

Find your feet in a career in fine arts that now spans several industries.

Are you an artist who dreams of creating the multi-million dollar masterpiece or are you just keen to set your feet firmly on the ground before losing your head in the clouds?

Here are some career options where you can put your fine art skills to use:

Graphic designers

Branding budgets in India are growing. With massive rebranding exercises led by big brands like Airtel, new brand launches by large companies like Maruti, and even startups like PayTM allocating large sums to branding the time for great graphic designers has really come. Graphic designers make logos, print ads, brochures, fliers, packaging material and other visual communication material. They find employment not only with the marketing departments of small and large companies but also creative teams at advertising agencies and design agencies, as also a fair amount of freelance work.


With gaming revenues expected to have crossed over $100 billion in 2017 (as per gaming market researcher Newzoo) and the animation industry touching $250 billion in 2015 (as per the Global Animation Industry 2017 report by Research and Markets), animation studios and gaming companies are doing big business. The role of animation graphic designers is to create characters that suit the plot design different levels for games like the multiple Minecraft environments or Choota Bheem’s Dholakpur; and make attractive animated graphic elements.

Art teachers

With art becoming a big focus for educators, and parents, several positions for teaching art at leading schools or in hobby centres can be explored. One can also work with psychologists or clinics as art therapists or run workshops on Art Therapy with companies, schools, and other organisations.

Cartoonists and illustrators

This artistic species with highly enviable jobs are mostly self-employed and work with newspapers, magazines, websites, publishers or authors from project to project.

Cartoonists may work with newspapers or websites offering news commentary (Laxman’s Common Man), entertainment (Dennis the Menace) or satire (Dilbert). Illustrators may work with publishers or authors bringing to life a children’s book series, a graphic novel, or even a book of recipes.

Online clip art has created another avenue for artists to produce and sell work to websites or stock illustration marketspaces like iStock or Getty (research).


Sculptors create three-dimensional art using stone, clay, mud, wood, metal, and other materials to create artistic forms. Sculptors may be commissioned by hotels, resorts, urban planners and architects and even mall owners to create art installations around specified themes.

Art consultants

Art consultants work with art collectors, hotels, interior decorators, and almost anyone who wants to buy and install great art. They keep up-to-date with artists’ works, galleries, and art dealers to source the most appropriate installations, sculpture, paintings and craft items to suit a client’s budget, home or hotel. They charge the client a percentage of their budget or a fixed fee.

Art dealers

They are typically entrepreneurs with an eye for great art and a nose for a great market. Art dealers may own galleries, offline or online stores and seek to sell works of art made by fine artists.

An art dealer typically seeks out artists to represent and builds relationships with collectors and museums whose interests match the work of these artists. Many dealers specialise in a particular style, period, or region.

And if you are looking for unique career opportunities, explore forensic art jobs with law enforcement agencies to assist in identifying suspects by drawing images of people and situations based on verbal descriptions given by witnesses. Or you could just be an artist and use colours, lines, canvases and other material to express an idea and create an out-of-the-world experience!

While you are finding your eye, your voice and your style, you can explore some of these options to learn, grow and find some stability!