Crack BITSAT 2019 through last year Paper Analysis

If you are planning to appear for BITSAT in 2019, it is extremely important for you to understand the trends which have been noticed in the previous years of this particular examination. Earlier the scope for this examination was limited to BITS Pilani, however, throughout the span of several years, the campuses have been expanded to Goa, Dubai and much more. It is obvious that you will be joining a coaching centre or availing some study materials to crack this examination but there are certain things which are extremely important to consider. Otherwise, all of your efforts could go into vain which is something not desirable.

         The best option is to analyse the previous year’s question papers or at least evaluate the pattern of it. This will help you to understand the pulses of the examination and will also help you to prepare accordingly so that you can reach your targeted score or rank in the examination.

Let us have a Paper analysis of BITSAT:

As mentioned earlier, this session will detail out the important aspects of last year’s BITSAT paper. A detailed description is mentioned below for your benefit:

  • Question distribution:

    In BITSAT last year, from physics, 19 questions were asked which belonged to the 11th standard syllabus while 21 questions were being asked which belonged to the 12th standard syllabus. In case of Chemistry, 17 questions were being asked which belonged to the 11th standard syllabus while 23 questions were being asked which belonged from 12th standard syllabus.

        In case of Mathematics, 25 questions were being asked which belonged to the syllabus of 11th standard, 20 questions belonged to the 12th standard syllabus. So, we can conclude that a large volume of questions were asked from the 11th standard syllabus.

  • Topic-wise marks allocation of Physics:

    According to resources, from Electricity and Magnetism, 15 questions were present, 4 questions were asked from Heat and Thermodynamics. 11 questions were asked from Mechanics and 4 questions were asked from Modern Physics. Apart from this, 4 questions were asked from both Optics and SHM and waves.

  • Topic-wise marks allocation of Chemistry:

According to resources, total 8 questions were asked from Inorganic Chemistry, and total 14 questions were being asked from Organic Chemistry. Apart from this, 18 questions were being asked from Physical Chemistry itself.

  • Topic-wise marks allocation of Mathematics:

It is obvious that BITSAT will have a lot of questions from Mathematics. From the last year paper analysis, 4 questions were being asked from Circles, and sequence and series. 2

questions were asked individually from Straight lines, Continuity and Differentiability, theory of equation, binomial theorem, sets and functions, trigonometric ratios and identities, parabola, probability, limits and differential coefficients. Apart from this, 1 question was asked individually from inverse trigonometry, complex numbers, statistics, and properties of triangles. 3 questions were asked from Matrices, permutation and combinations. Apart from this, 7 questions were asked from application of derivatives. This clearly reflect the amount of effort which should be put forward while preparing for this subject.

  • Topic-wise marks allocation of English proficiency:

    In this subject, 2 questions were asked from synonyms and antonyms, collective nouns and grammar as well. Apart from this, 4 questions were asked from comprehension.

  • Evaluation of difficulty level:

The last year’s BITSAT papers reveal that Physics was the subject from which the most difficult questions were being asked. If we arrange the subjects in descending order of their difficulty, then the order will be Physics, Chemistry and then Mathematics. So, if you are afraid of Physics, you should work on that area.

Important tips for BITSAT 2019:

BITSAT is an important examination which requires a lot of efforts and after that only, it allows you to secure a good rank. This paper analysis is indeed important but you also need to make sure that there is no stone unturned during your preparation, the preparation should be up-to-the mark in every aspect. Cracking BITSAT is not very easy but it is not also impossible to achieve, this is why you should focus on the right thing to see your dreams come true.