How To Create Colossal Career Success With Design Thinking

Jessica Sweet owns Wishingwell Coaching and is also a licensed therapist. She works with professionals who want more meaningful work.


What if there was a process for figuring out a career transition or advancement that wasn’t mind-bendingly difficult to understand, or so mystical that you just had to take the plunge with the faith of a saint?

In the past, career coaching may have felt that way. But at its best, career coaching is a design-thinking process, which makes it extremely effective for those willing to participate.

Let me explain.

How Is Career Coaching A Design Thinking Process?

Design thinking is a process of thinking divergently and then convergently. In other words, you think of all the options and then narrow them down. A design-thinking process is useful when trying to solve what is referred to as a wicked problem, which is an ill-defined problem, where both the problem and the solution are unclear.

Career problems, such as how to change your career or how to advance, are both examples of such problems. It’s often unclear exactly what’s holding you back, what you’re trying to do and how to do it.

Design thinking in the form of career coaching to the rescue.

The two processes — design thinking and career coaching — are similar. Design thinking consists of five key elements: