How To Create Your Own Custom Stickers

Creating customized stickers is a great way to promote your business. You can sell them, include them as a free gift or hand them out at events. There are different websites that make it easy to create your own stickers, and one example is Custom Sticker Makers.

Here are the steps to create and print custom stickers for your business, and it includes everything from uploading your design to ordering your stickers.

Choose Your Sticker Type

Double cut, cut out and kiss cut stickers allow you to add your own graphic or logo. You also have the option to select a text only sticker, which does not include a design.

Upload Your Design

If you are adding a design, you can easily upload it by clicking the appropriate button and choosing the file. Your design may be a logo you created on your own, or you can hire a professional to create your design.

Determine The Size

You need to fill in the height and width of your sticker. It is important to select a size that does not alter your design. If you are unsure of the size, you may want to keep it at the default settings.

Fill In The Style

There are several styles to choose for your sticker. The first one is the cut option, which depends on the type of sticker you are creating. You also need to select the border around your design, and then you need to select the shape of your sticker.

Send For Proof

It is important to send for proof by email or first class mail, so you can get a sneak peek at your stickers. This allows you to make any necessary changes before adding the stickers to your cart.

Order Your Stickers

Once you are happy with your stickers, place your order and wait for them to be delivered.

You can create the stickers in just several minutes by having the design, size and other details in mind. Once the stickers arrive, you can use them to promote your business in a fun way.