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Plumbing is much more complicated than many people realize. There will always be people who will hold off on calling a Tampa plumbing professional because they think they can handle some clogged or leaky pipes on their own, but they almost always end up making the problem worse. While some things such as a running toilet or a clogged bathroom sink are relatively easy to fix with the right tools, there are certain problems that should only be handled by a licensed plumber. Here are just a few that you may encounter.

A Clogged Bathtub

While a minor clog in your kitchen or bathroom sink can be cleared without too much trouble, a clog in a bathtub is another story. Bathtub drains have more hair, soap, and other things that can create a clog going through them than most of the other drains in your house, so it is much harder to keep them clear.

You might have a clogged bathtub drain if you notice an inch or so of standing water whenever you use your tub. That might seem like more of an inconvenience than a major plubming disaster, but it’s a problem that will only get worse and will not fix itself. You’re better off calling a plumber sooner rather than later when this happens.

A Leaking Pipe

You might think that a leaking pipe can be fixed if you tighten a joint or apply some kind of putty to seal a leak, but this is almost always a temporary fix. If you have a pipe that has a pinhole leak or one that has burst altogether, it will need to be replaced. Unless you have the proper training and tools for the job, you shouldn’t attempt this kind of repair by yourself. Call someone who knows how to properly install a new pipe instead.

A Broken Sewer Line

Your home’s sewer line is your responsibility until it connects to the sewer main, which means you need to be on top of any cracks that can cause a leak. Since you probably cannot reach your home’s sewer line by yourself, you will need to contact a professional to handle the job. Modern technology has made the repair and replacement of a sewer line easier than it has ever been before, but this is still a costly repair to make. Still, you can save some time and money by addressing the problem before it becomes too big to fix on a budget.

When it comes to your home’s plumbing, never assume that you can take care of a problem by yourself. If there is any doubt in your mind that you have a plumbing issue that is beyond your skill and knowledge, don’t hesitate to call a licensed plumber near you.