Before you dig into your favourite Subway sandwich, here’s a reality check

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Waiting to tuck into your favourite chicken sub from Subway for lunch? Spare us your two minutes, and let us tell you exactly why you should not. Warning: You might get grossed out, but trust us, it is going to be worth it. After all, you’d want to know your sub a little more before you plan to eat one next time. That is, if there’s going to be a next time after all. A Subway employee in the UK took to Reddit recently to answer the general public’s queries and has divulged the fast food chain’s secrets a little too much.

Bill Bigsby got down to the basics first. He asked, “What’s up with the chicken patties? They look like they’re not actually completely chicken.” Apparently, the UK Subway outlets do not serve chicken patties and the employee’s reply was, “I’m not sure about that! In the UK we don’t sell chicken patties…however most of our chicken in our restaurants comes from the same supplier around the world. Our chicken is around 84% chicken with added starch and water.” Great, so the chicken patties we were having all this while was not even chicken! We want our money back!

Mistakescostextra asked “Which items would you recommend one avoid and which would you say are highest quality/safest/best prepared?”, to which the employee, who has now deleted hi username (which was SubwayworkerUK)warned users to “avoid chipotle chicken and teriyaki chicken.”

He explained that chicken is given a two-day shelf life. Once these two sandwiches pass this timeline, the meat can get a little stinky, he said. Ew.

Another important question was raised by G-o-dude who asked, “What’s the best bang for the buck sub?” While making it clear that he was talking only for himself, and not his employers, he replied: “Meatball Marinara, Chipotle Chicken, Tikka Chicken, Spicy Italian, and BMT.”
The apparent employee was even kind enough to divulge the price details of these subs. He explained these sandwiches are all $4 or $6.50 for a footlong with a drink. He also told Subway customers that sandwiches are 20 percent off between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Also divulging an inside trade secret, he said that “Subway Footlong” is actually a trademark of Subway outlets and is just the name of the sandwich, most measure in at 12.1 inches long. As an add-on, he gave this tip-for-life. “If you want a footlong, try flatbread. The way flatbread is made and prepared we give you 14 inches.”

Complete with tips and some (uncalled for) revelations, the employee’s conversation with the users has for some reason doused our appetite. We won’t be heading to a Subway anytime soon. What about you? Tell us in the comments section.