Dubai: The perfect anniversary celebration destination for couples

Dubai has emerged as the city of the future with its mega structure and a lifestyle that gives decadent a new meaning. The city is packed with fun activities to do and places to visit. One is spoilt for choice between indoor skiing, going atop the tallest building in the world or just relaxing at the canal city of Dubai Marina. The city has many tourist attractions that offer something for everyone.

Create memories, on a budget

The city has an especially beautiful setting to celebrate that special milestone with your special someone. Replete with beautiful architecture and with ample of opportunities to shop, see sights or dine, it promises to be the answer to your anniversary celebration woes. Add to the fact that reaching Dubai will not burn a hole in your pocket, consider if you want to book flights to Dubai from ahmedabad onlineand see for yourself. In addition to this, travel companies also have some great packages to help you take care of all the arrangements as you celebrate your anniversary. Couples will also love the fact that the city is not only futuristic and developed but offers great romantic spots for you to recreate the magic. With restaurants ranging from the seaside to underwater basked in the moonlight reflecting the city lights, it is bound to become a magical moment for you.

Walk on the beach

If staying in is not your idea of a romantic celebration, Dubai offers options for you to take long walks on the beach as the night lights come on. One can either choose to pay for a full day’s access, or you can avail of the free public beaches as well. A favourite among couples is combining the two elements and have dinner served on the beach itself.

Hot Air Balloon ride

Dubai is one of the few cities that offers magnificent views from a bird’s eye, the city and its landscape can be a treat to observe from the hot air balloons that are easily available. This anniversary will truly be a day to remember as you take in the sights of the city famed for its aesthetic beauty. One can view the long expanse of deserts as well as the magnificent man made islands that are sure to take your breath away.

Go on a cruise

Dubai offers many options for short dinner cruises in case you yearn to get away from the land. It is a great way to take in the sights of the city as well as keep the dinner date to mark the special date. You can choose to have a romantic dinner under the starry sky on the cruise itself or opt for dry land to end the day.

Desert safari

For all those looking to be more unconventional and are looking for adrenaline to spike their romantic evening, Dubai offers an unparalleled desert experience. With sand as far as the eye could see and stars in the sky to replace the artificial lights of the city, the experience is at once memorable and romantic. However, that is not all, liven up the evening with a buffet, camel rides as you look on at the beautiful sunset. If you are looking to spend more, desert resorts are your one stop solution from couples spa massages to a desert safari. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is an excellent place to have an experience of a lifetime.

Dubai is a haven for all those couples looking to celebrate a milestone in their relationships. Many of the top travel companies offer some great plans if you are seeking to book flights to Dubai from ahmedabad online.