Feeling Relaxed At The Dentist

Sedation dentistry is an option to consider if you are anxious about having any kind of dental work performed. There are a few different types of oral sedation including oral and intravenous. After receiving the medication, you will begin to feel sleepy but usually won’t be completely asleep like you would with general anesthesia. A benefit of sedation dentistry Chicago dentists offer is that it will make it easier for the dentist to work in the mouth without setting aside a few moments for you to get comfortable, especially if you have extensive work done in the mouth including root canals and extractions. For many people, being at the dentist can make them fidget. With sedation, you usually won’t know anything that is going on around you and likely won’t remember what you had done once you get home.

Some people have anxiety over the weeks and days leading up to the dentist appointment. The dentist can give you medications to take the day before you visit the office so that you get a good night’s sleep. The fears that you have will go away even before you get to the office, making visiting the dentist a pleasant experience instead of one to dread. The pain associated with some dental procedures steers many people away from making an appointment for even a routine examination. When you’re sedated, you won’t feel any kind of pain. You might feel a bit of pressure with procedures that are a bit more detailed, but you still won’t feel the pain associated with them because the dentist will be able to inject numbing medication easier when your sedated than when you’re anxious and moving around in the chair. While sedated, you will be able to respond to the commands given by the dentist in case you need to turn your head or bite down.