Fortis Lux Offers a New Approach to Life Insurance

While we may think we know all there is to know about life insurance, the industry is constantly evolving and offering new options. Fortis Lux Financial is offering an interesting new product, adding variable universal life to their list of services. This is a unique take on life insurance, because it adds the possibility of adjusting premiums to suit your situation.
Once you have paid enough into the account to add value to your policy, you can qualify for variable premiums. Even when exercising this choice, you’re still able to guarantee a death benefit to your beneficiary. This adds the advantage of flexibility without sacrificing the sense of security that a life insurance policy provides.
The variable premium policy offered through Fortis Lux Financial is ideal for individuals who experience changes in their income from month to month. They can pay less when they have less money and make up the difference in a month when they make more money than usual. This helps balance out your budget without costing you the loss of your policy or forcing you to pay penalties.
The key to making this system work, of course, is to continue to build account value. The more value you build, the more options that become available to you. As you attain greater value through your premium payments, you can also qualify to borrow against that value. While the reasons for borrowing against your policy aren’t restricted, common reasons people take the loan are to supplement their retirement income or to help a child pay college tuition.
Learning more about universal life insurance from Fortis Lux Financial is as easy as filling out an electronic form. This is the first step in receiving a free and confidential consultation with no obligation to commit. After answering just a few questions about your situation and your insurance needs, a Fortis Lux representative will contact you with more information. When you consider the importance of having life insurance and leaving sonething behind to help your loved ones, finding the right policy becomes vital. A policy with variable premiums and a guaranteed death benefit may be the best choice for you and your family.