Indian origin man fined, jailed for bomb hoax


A flier of Indian origin who triggered a bomb scare at Geneva airport in order to board his flight has been jailed and hit with a massive bill to compensate police for time wasted, media reported Monday.
Geneva police have told the 39-year-old Indian man to pay 50,000 Swiss francs ($51,200, 46,300 euros) after he told an airline employee at Geneva’s Cointrin airport there was a bomb on a plane he was rushing to catch last month.
The man, whose name was not given, reportedly made the claim to an Aeroflot employee on October 13 in a bid to cause a delay on the Moscow-bound plane and avoid missing the flight, as well as his planned connection on to India.
The man, who lives in the Swiss town of Montreux, was arrested at the airport and sentenced to six months in prison.
Geneva police chief Francois Waridel said the amount billed would be enough to pay the 101 police officers and six public security agents who were called in to respond to the alert, pointing out that the 116 passengers had been disembarked to allow a thorough search of the plane.
This marks the second time in as many months that Geneva police have showed they will make hoaxsters pay dearly for fake bomb scares.

[Source:-Travell & tour]