Infosys Techie Murder: Suspected Killer’s Escape Captured On CCTV

Infosys Techie Murder: Suspected Killer's Escape Captured On CCTV



  1. 24-year-old Infosys employee hacked to death at a busy railway station
  2. Swathi S attacked by a man with a sickle, nobody came forward to help
  3. Railway police release CCTV footage showing suspected killer fleeing

24-year-old Swathi S, an Infosys employee, was attacked by a man with a sickle at a busy railway station on Friday. She bled to death on the platform as commuters watched but did nothing to save her. Now, new CCTV footage shows the suspected killer escaping the scene after the horrendous crime.

The Railway police today released fresh footage from two CCTVs in a bid to identify and arrest the suspected killer, a man with a backpack who is seen entering the station in one of the videos.

In the second footage, captured by a CCTV inside the Nungambaklam Railway Station, the man is seeing running on a platform, away from the scene of the crime.

Superintendent of the Railway Police Mr Vijayakumar has asked the public to dial 1512 to share if they have any information about the suspect.

At around 6.45 am on Friday, witnesses saw a young man approaching Swathi while she was waiting for her train. The two were seen having a heated argument before the man suddenly pulled out a sickle from his backpack and lunged at her. Struck in her neck and face, Swathi collapsed.

Infosys said in a statement: “We are saddened by the unfortunate incident that has led to the demise of our employee in Chennai. We are working with the local authorities as they investigate the matter and will continue to provide our co-operation and support.”


[Source  NDTV]