It’s a double delight

Working and loving it

DINK is double income no kids. But is there an acronym for earning double by one person? One source of income to pay the bills and the other to follow one’s passion and this isn’t about art, dance or pursuing one’s interest alone.

These passions also include hardcore marketing, putting a business strategy in place and earning the moolah by knowing the risks involved in it.

Something that is required to do in a business. These are the bunch who face no Monday blues because they look for Monday evenings where there get on with life while pursuing their passion

Describing the fun in two incomes by one person, Sunita a restaurateur by the evening says, “The day job, helps maintain the lifestyle and brings in the money while the evening engagement lets me not to spend an evening at another café or home thinking about when do I do what I want to do. In short: my evenings are regret free. To follow my passion full throttle that is also self sufficient. I enjoy both. I am a people’s person and like the work that I do with a telecom company. It also taught me in a way to build and hone my business sense. My restaurant is a result of what I love to do. I was lucky to find a place that is just how I wanted my restaurant to be,” says Sunita.

An artist had a very logical explanation about juggling between a being banker and an artist, “As a banker I have work hours, but at home I make my time to spend at least three-hours with my art. If I am working on commissioned work I put in extra time. When we love something we will make that extra effort to pursue it, that happens only when we are passionate about it,” explains artists Asha Radhika.

Creative outlet

Sometimes following the passion isn’t about extra income alone.

It is a lot of creativity, utilising the business acumen and help creating something different. “To bring about a change in lifestyle. To be able to offer the best food and beverages and hope to be known as pioneers in creating an atmosphere that isn’t just cool and happening but is safe as well. All this comes from years of working in the food and beverage industry. It is challenging, interesting and involves a lot of innovation. It isn’t as simple as opening a hangout place,” says Sashi Kumar, who works in an IT company by the day and at night he manages an eatery with his talented and business-minded partner. Sashi feels his IT job is an equally challenging one and his business makes use of his business degree from a Business school. “I ain’t wasting any of my degrees,” he laughs.

But there is another passionate chef who works only to accumulate all his leaves to coach football to children during soccer camps. “I have always followed a strict routine for my game, earlier it used to be game and studies, now it’s game and work. But when I finally take my break I am off work and it is just my game,” he explains.

Does it pay well? “It pays in a different way, I always sign up for International soccer camps and it helps me see different countries. That is more than accumulating money in my bank. My job pays me well, so I don’t need to worry about anything as long as my international travel, stay and food is taken care of,” says Lakshit Shetty, a chef.

[Source:-The Hindu]