Keeping Your Business Safe and Sanitary

As the owner of a commercial building, you bear the sole responsibility of keeping it safe and sanitary for the public. If you allow it to get dirty or fall into disrepair, you could find yourself subject to disciplinary action from the city or county. You could also incur expensive fines from the zoning board.

However, when you do not have the time to clean up the building yourself, you may not necessarily want to hire employees just for this purpose. By outsourcing the task to a general contractor, local maid service, or cleaning company Jacksonville FL building owners like you can maintain the required level of cleanliness and appease the public who walks through your building’s doors.

Daily Surface Cleaning

A big part of keeping your building clean involves making sure it undergoes regular cleaning once a day. Tasks like sweeping the floors, cleaning the toilets and sinks in the bathrooms, and vacuuming runners in the foyers or front hallways can go a long way in making the building appear presentable to the public.

However, these tasks take time, which is why you might find it better to outsource them to a company that has staff on hand who can take care of them for you. They can come in when the building is closed overnights or during the early morning hours to make your building as clean and presentable as possible.

Regular Deep Cleaning

Daily cleaning is important. However, regular deep cleaning is also essential in keeping your building sanitary. The cleaning crew can take time once a week or month to do deeper cleaning like dusting the light fixtures, scrubbing down the base boards around the floors, and waxing the floors in the main areas of the building. The deep cleaning combined with regular upkeep can make your building sanitary and safe for anyone to enter and spend time in each day.

Your building must remain in good upkeep everyday if you want to avoid fines. You can avoid hiring personnel for these tasks and keep your building in good condition by outsourcing to a third-party cleaning business today.