Learn More About Recovering Your Lost Files With EaseUS Data Recovery Software

In this age, people are constantly losing their data. How do we know? Well, with the increasing popularity of data recovery software, this can be the only one reason. In the age of technology, data is an important factor for anyone. And at times, this data can be extremely fragile and hard to keep safe. A number of situations can make you lose this precious data such as partition issues, OS failure, hardware crash, corrupted files, virus attacks etc. In this case, data recovery software can assist you greatly.

EaseUS data recovery software has garnered great recognition among the other software and gained a bunch of positive reviews from people all around. It is specifically known for its easy-to-use interface and functionality. Everything is kept right in front of the eyes, with all important things being placed at the first screen that comes up.

Selection Procedure

As soon as the software starts, it asks the user to specify a file type that he/she wants to search for. Without wasting any time, 6 file types are shown to the user to choose from. By selecting one of them, it proceeds forward to let the user select the location where it will search. These first two steps eliminate any possible delays in the search process, and greatly filters the search procedure. This further allows for the software to become faster and more efficient.

Scanning Procedure

Scanning in the software is done in two parts, which are quick scan and deep scan. When the software first begins a scan, the quick scan procedure is initiated. It quickly searches for all the files that were recently emptied from the recycle bin or deleted from the computer. The quick scan mode is fast and displays the results within a few minutes. In contrast to this, deep scan mode takes much more time and is only initiated if the desired results did not come in the quick scan mode. Despite taking a significantly more amount of time, it does its job at the end of the day. It goes through a deep scan over the memory and recovers all lost files, and displays the results accordingly.

Recover Process

Once the results are gathered and displayed on the screen, the user can immediately begin to recover the files by the push of a button. A great features that the software offers is the preview feature. By clicking on the files, you can easily see its content. This is incredibly useful when a person does not know the file name, but recognized the file only after looking at the content. Moreover, you can also recover more than one file at this page, and the displayed results can also be filtered according to the file types.

All of these incredible features packed under this recovery software has allows for it to grow boundlessly. The software is made available for free from the official website of the company, and there are three additional premium packages for which a person can pay, if they require better technical support and additional features.