What Should You Look for in a Reliable Commercial Gelato Machine?

Gelato is one of the most popular dessert items in the world and it is often required to be produced on a mass scale. Obviously, commercial applications are much different when compared to personal or domestic use. Industrial machines represent a very real investment over time and choosing the appropriate configuration is extremely important if you hope to satisfy your client base. What are some primary designs and functions to keep in mind? Knowing what to look for in advance will save you money as well as a significant amount of time. Let’stherefore examine this concept in closer detail.

Computerised Controls

Many modern machines offer user-friendly functions to aid in the process and storage of frozen gelato. Thisisactuallyveryimportant, as commercial environments, tend to be quite busy. Still, a degree of flexibility should be offered so that the business can accommodate the needs of the customer within a real-time scenario. A handful of programs to consider might include:

  • The ability to set and save automatic gelato storage options.
  • Different methods of production (such as semi-soft ice cream or classic gelato).
  • The choice to set and adjust hourly production limits.

These and other features will provide superior levels of automation; allowing staff and servers to focus on other aspects such as client engagement and sales.


While there are certainly times when a commercial gelato machine will remain within an establishment, some users might need to transport it from place to place on occasion. In such instances, the best machines will be equipped with a sturdy set of wheels as well as with a lightweight construction. Thisisveryimportantfor uses such as event catering or presenting the unit during a trade seminar.

Visual Appeal

Let’snotfail to mention that while the gelato itself is quite tasty, many customers enjoy watching the production process. This is one of the reasons why any commercial machine should be aesthetically appealing. The use of stainlesssteel along side LED indicators and a streamlined appearance will reflect positively upon the company as well as the server; encouraging clients to come back for more in the future.


Largercommercialgelatoproductionunits can be quite expensive and yet, not everyone will need such a massive unit. Trustworthysuppliersshould be able to offer a wide range of configurations to suit individual budget any requirements. Of course, upgrades or downgrades can also be made in the future if required. Finally, the manufacturer should be able to present the proper safety certifications such as adherence to ISO 9001 regulations and proof of similar national accreditation.

Nemoxprovidescommercial-grade gelato machines to a wide array of both national and international clients. Storage units and household variants are likewise offered. Anyonewhoiscurious to learn more about this professional product line is encouraged to contact a representative. We will be abundantly pleased to answer any additional questions that you may have.