Maintain healthy lifestyle and consume these 5 foods and beverages to reduce stress

It’s a task in its own to maintain a healthy lifestyle in our busy lives. We are always on a lookout for a healthy full stop to our instant food cravings but instead, what do we do? We end up eating unhealthy snacks and junk food with loads of guilt. But following a strict fitness regime demands discipline and time and in case you aren’t that determined, it’s all right. We don’t ask you to have a particular diet plan, but everyone should pay little attention to his/her eating habits for healthy lives.

Little changes in your daily habits can make things a lot better. This is the reason, today, we bring you a list of a bunch of food that will benefit your body as well as your brain!

Cherries & Berries

Whatever the season is, delicious cherries and berries should always be a part of your diet. This is not just a flavorful happy fruit but is equally healthy and full of nutrients. These also help you in improving your immune system especially cherries whereas, strawberries and blueberries are powerful for the brain.


Nuts like almonds, cashews and pistachios are the great source of nutrients. But when it comes to mood-boosting, almonds can do wonders. Almonds reduce stress, instantly makes you feel energetic and also helps in the better immune system.


You might be surprised – how can a fermented food like yoghurt help with stress? Yoghurt has proved to reduce levels of social anxiety.


A piping hot cup of tea or coffee just sounds like a good idea to calm those nerves down.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate of any kind can boost anybody’s mood. But the important factor is the amount of consumption. As the excess of milk chocolate can leave you in the state of dullness. So, just be careful with the choice you make. A piece of dark chocolate is good for your brain memory and healthy for the heart.