Organize Your Garage Into a Unique Workspace

For many homeowners, the garage is simply a large area filled with clutter. Rarely is a car parked in it, but there are ways to utilize this space for much more than even a vehicle. With just a little time and effort, your garage can become the perfect workshop for crafts, woodworking, or any other projects you may be doing.

Clean and Prep

This is the first and most important step in turning your garage into a useful workspace. Make it your goal to take every single item out of the garage. Wash the floors and walls. Now is the time to paint if you feel it will be helpful. Sort the things that you removed from this space into three categories; keep, donate, and throw away.

Create a Workspace

Every workspace needs a counter or tabletop where projects can be worked on. You can find affordable counters at your local home improvement store or resale shops. Tables or workbenches can be a hand made by yourself or you can find them in a variety of styles by searching for retailers online. If you still want to park a vehicle in the garage, use a counter attached to the wall. Otherwise, place the bench or table in the center of the room.

Install Storage

You can find standard storage pieces in any home improvement store. They make specially designed bins for tools and materials as well as wall racks for objects like hammers and screwdrivers. Your other option is to have shelves installed and find a custom metal manufacturing professional to make storage bins to your specifications.

Once the garage is cleaned and prepped, a work station is created, and you have installed storage for all of your tools and materials, you will have a workspace ideally suited to your needs. Projects and crafts will be more enjoyable to work on, and you will be containing any mess they make to outside of your actual living area.