Ramadan calendar 2017: Sehir and Iftar dinner time

Ramadan calendar 2017: Sehir and Iftar dinner time


  1. The month of Ramadan is a symbol of faith for the Muslims
  2. This fasting is usually mandatory to start in a virgin state
  3. Those who remember Allah always with true heart fulfill all their wishes.

The holy month of Ramadan has started from last Saturday, there is a pleasant atmosphere in the whole country. The Islamic calendar is the ninth month of Ramadan. It is a symbol of faith for the Muslims, because it is the same month when the Qur’an was first introduced to the people. It is believed that in the month of Ramadan, the doors of the janat opens, the doors of the hell are closed. After which the evil forces are

imprisoned . On that night, the Prophet Muhammad who first saw the Koran was known by the name of Lalit ul-Qadr. It is believed that those who remember Allah always with true heart fulfill all their wishes.


The month of Ramadan is a symbol of faith for the

Muslims. Muslims keep the roses throughout Ramadan month. The purpose of fasting is to keep people away from temptation and motivate charity. Roza has been frozen for every Muslim, but those who are vigilant or are suffering from any disease or discomfort like menstruation, pregnant women, etc. have been given permission to do this.

Sehi and Iftar, 
which is eaten before the sun rises in the morning, is known as Sehari. In Sehir, the whole family reads the prayers before rising in the morning and afterwards sehari account. After this, iftar is done after sunset in the evening. Iftar is the first to break his fast with dates. It is said that Prophet Mohammad broke his fast with just three dates.


It is

mandatory to start the fasting usually in the virgin state, every fourth prayer of the fifth prayer is known as Magrib Dua. On this day many people of the community open their fast together. The food of his iftar is included from the syrup to the chicken and mutton.

28 May 2017 Sunday 4:29 am 7:15 pm
29 May 2017 Monday 4:29 am 7:15 pm
30 May 2017 Tuesday 4:29 am 7:16 pm
31 May 2017 Wednesday 4:29 am 7:16 pm
1-Jun-17 Thursday 4:28 am 7:16 pm
2-Jun-17 Friday 4:28 am 7:17 pm
3-Jun-17 Saturday 4:28 am 7:17 pm
4-Jun-17 Sunday 4:28 am 7:17 pm
5-Jun-17 Monday 4:28 am 7:18 pm
6-Jun-17 Tuesday 4:27 am 7:18 pm
7-Jun-17 Wednesday 4:27 am 7:18 pm
8-Jun-17 Thursday 4:27 am 7:19 pm
9-Jun-17 Friday 4:27 am 7:19 pm
10-Jun-17 Saturday 4:27 am 7:19 pm
11-Jun-17 Sunday 4:27 am 7:20 pm
12-Jun-17 Monday 4:27 am 7:20 pm
13-Jun-17 Tuesday 4:27 am 7:20 pm
14-Jun-17 Wednesday 4:27 am 7:20 pm
15-Jun-17 Thursday 4:27 am 7:21 pm
16-Jun-17 Friday 4:27 am 7:21 pm
17-Jun-17 Saturday 4:27 am 7:21 pm
18-Jun-17 Sunday 4:27 am 7:21 pm
19-Jun-17 Monday 4:27 am 7:21 pm
20-Jun-17 On monday 4:27 am 7:22 pm
21-Jun-17 Wednesday 4:28 am 7:22 pm
22-Jun-17 Thursday 4:28 am 7:22 pm
23-Jun-17 Friday 4:28 am 7:22 pm
24-Jun-17 Saturday 4:29 am 7:23 pm
25-Jun-17 Sunday 4:29 am 7:23 pm
26-Jun-17 Monday 4:29 am 7:23 pm

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