Reasons for Owning a Horse in Modern Society

A century ago, it was a no-brainer that a person was going to own a horse. It was the primary way that people traveled from one place to another. Owning a horse meant that a person was able to work their farm, they were able to provide for their family, and they were able to travel short distances or long distances if needed.

In modern society, it would seem that for most people owning a horse does not make any sense. The work that was once done by a horse is now done by automobiles, trains, and tractors. People do not need to own a horse like they needed to own a horse a few years ago. However, there are a lot of positive things that come from owning a horse.

One of the things that many enjoy about owning horses is the way that they throw some spontaneity into their lives. Horses, like any other living creature, cannot be completely controlled. Things happen to horses, such as them getting sick or them getting hurt. This is why most smart horse owners have some sort of health insurance for horses.

It takes some know-how on the part of the horse owner or on a veterinarian to understand what the horse needs and how to properly care for it. Unlike humans, a horse cannot talk and will not easily reveal what is wrong with it. This makes owning a horse a challenge that can be humbling at times.

Horses have a positive impact on a person’s emotion. Many refer to horses as healers. This is because when they are around horses, their moods change. There’s something about horses that cause them to have a calming effect on humans. This is especially true when it comes to humans who are battling with emotional or psychological challenges.

Some believe that this is connected to the physical size of the horse’s heart. Because of the size of a horse’s heart, their blood pressure is a lot lower than that of humans. So when a human has contact with the horse, it triggers a calming or relaxing feeling in them.

There are so many emotional things connected to horses. Horses make people feel hopeful. Horses inspire all. Horses make people dream and think about what could be possible. The strength of a horse helps to put things in perspective by reminding a person that in the grand scheme of things they are relatively small. These are just a few reasons why owning a horse is a positive thing.