Strategy to crack NEET

The National Eligibility Entrance Test shortly known as NEET is a national level entrance exam conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for aspiring candidates seeking admission in various dental and medical colleges across India. A huge number of candidates apply for NEET exam every year so medical aspirants should be well prepared for the exam.

But before preparing for the exam, candidates should be thorough with all the exam related information like NEET syllabus, admit card, the procedure to download NEET application form, NEET cutoff, etc. NEET exam is one of the toughest exams but it can be easily cracked by following certain study strategies. Here we are providing some preparation tips and strategies which can help aspirants to crack the examination with ease.

Prepare as per the syllabus

The first thing that all candidates should do is to get acquainted with the latest NEET syllabus. Comparing the NEET syllabus with their board exam syllabus can help them to find the common chapters and topics. This can be beneficial for candidates as they will not have to invest any extra time preparing for the common topics. Some important chapters to focus for NEET exam is mentioned in the table below.

Important Chapters for NEET
Biology Physics Chemistry
Cell Optics Mole Concept
Genetics Thermodynamics Organic Chemistry
Basics of Biotechnology Sound Periodic Table
Reproduction Nuclear Physics Chemical Bonding
Ecology & Environment Mechanics Coordination Chemistry

Proper study schedule

A timetable or a study schedule can help candidates stick to a proper routine. They should create the timetable as per as their exam syllabus and follow it properly. Candidates should allot time for practicing NEET question papers after completing a chapter. A study schedule will also help them to focus on their weaker sections and cover all parts of the syllabus.

NEET books

Books are the most important component to prepare for any competitive exam. Students should prepare from the best books for the NEET exam. They should choose those books which cover the whole NEET syllabus with solved examples and question papers. NCERT textbooks are the best study material to prepare for NEET as it covers the complete NEET syllabus. To excel in the examination, candidates should choose the right book and stick to it throughout their preparation.

Solve NEET question papers

One of the best way to get familiar with the exam pattern, question weightage and types and difficulty level of questions is by solving NEET sample papers or NEET previous year’s question paper. There are 180 questions in NEET exam with a time duration of 3 hours. This means that aspirants have only 1 minute for each question. Solving question paper will increase the speed of the candidates and they can overcome the time limitation barrier of the exam.

Prepare notes

NEET has a huge syllabus and there are a lot of things to remember. Preparing short notes while studying is the best way to improve memory skills. Aspirants should make a habit of writing down all the important points and formulas while preparing for the exam. These notes can also be useful to the candidates when they will revise before the examination. It will save them a lot of time as they will be able to revise all the important points in no time.

Aspirants can follow these NEET preparation strategies to score good marks in NEET Exam. Subscribe to Byju’s YouTube Channel to prepare for NEET in an interactive way through engaging video lessons.