What Does It Take to Get An Alcohol Permit?

Holding private events, fundraisers, and business conventions that will offer alcoholic beverages will require getting an alcohol permit in order to legally serve your guests in the state of Texas. Below are the basics of what you need to know and do to gain an alcohol permit for your event.

Decide What Type of Alcohol Permit You Need

The type of alcohol permit you need will depend on the function, length of time, and what types of alcohol you plan to serve. You will also need to pay the required fee at the time of application.

Research Local Ordinances

Before planning an event you need to research the local ordinances and find out the distances required to be away from schools and other public buildings. You will better know how to plan a location for your event before applying for the alcohol permit. You do not want to end up getting in trouble at the time of the event by simply being unaware of local ordinances.

Must Be of Legal Drinking Age and of Good Moral Character

One of the first things you will notice when researching how to get an alcohol permit in Dallas TX is that you must be of legal drinking age and of good moral character. It is assumed you will be able to make wise decisions and act responsibly when it comes to serving the alcohol.

Plan Ahead to Monitor Consumption at Your Event

It is important to closely monitor the consumption of alcohol at your planned event. Even though a permit is for a temporary use, it is expected you will make sure all alcohol laws are followed. You must ensure everyone drinking is of legal age and that no one continues being served when they are obviously over the legal limit.

You should apply for an alcohol permit at least one month in advance to ensure there is enough time. The process is relatively straight-forward for temporary alcohol permits.