How To Use Industrial Blenders

The use of industrial blending techniques has been around for over a century. Some of this credit is given go Herbert Johnson who, in 1908, invented the standing electric mixer. Today, companies like AIM Blending Technologies produce a variety of mixers for a number of industries.

Many of these industrial blenders offer a rapid mix through the practice of agitation. Not sure what that is? Open your washing machine while in operation. Notice how it quickly rocks your clothing back and forth? This is agitation.

For washing clothes, agitation mixes water and detergent into your garments to remove dirt. In the industrial world of mixers, agitation is used to briskly mix ingredients together. However, there are some products, like food and pharmaceuticals, that require a gentle touch. This is where the simplicity of the paddle blender comes in.

This type of mixer is used for a more moderate blend which a ribbon blender can’t do. For example, in the industrial world. a paddle blender can be implemented to coat nuts and bolts. For consumables, the mixer excels in the creation of picnic salads like macaroni, potato, or seafood.

Paddle models also have an advantage of cooking while mixing. When a heating jacket is applied, items like tomato slurries can be warmed to produce spaghetti sauce. And, to avoid injuries once distributed, a cooling jacket can be installed to moderate the product’s temperature.

There’s no reason why businesses can’t have both ribbon and paddle blenders on their manufacturing floors. The initial investment for both of these mixers is about the same. This means an equal Return on Investment (ROI). Upon further review, you may realize the ROI is greater. With paddle blenders. you can increase the number of products you sell.

Before you work up ads for these products, speak with a company that deals in large-scale mixers. They are happy to consult with you for the blenders which are the right size and price for your budget. Make sure you get honest answers about the advantages and disadvantages to you and your employees.

Once a decision has been made, track your ROI to ensure the product produced by the paddle blender is meeting demand. If not, you may need to consider another one or purchase one with a greater capacity.