Veggie stuffing to fight monsoon sickness

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Stay happy and healthy during the pleasant months of the monsoon season. It becomes crucial to take every precaution as your body may suffer form low immunity during this time of the year. The first and foremost thing that comes in mind is to maintain a healthy diet. The best way is to load up on vegetables to keep yourself fit. Here are amazing benefits of eating vegetables. Know all about it

Leafy vegetables: Leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage and broccoli are packed with folate, fibre and antioxidants. They provide plenty of vitamin A, C and E that may help in cell function and development. Supercharged with vitamin and minerals, these vegetables are one of the best immune- boosters.

Mushroom: Rich in vitamin B and proteins, mushroom provides your body with all 17 amino acids. It is a vegetarian food that may help boost your white blood cells that might actually help you ward off rainy season ailments in a better way.

Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are one of the best sources that can boost immunity in your body irrespective of the season. They contain beta-carotene that your body converts into vitamin A, an essential nutrient for fighting monsoon woes.

Carrots: Like sweet potatoes, carrots may help you combat seasonal cold and cough. Stick to eating raw carrots to boost your immune system in the most vulnerable season.

Bell pepper: Bell peppers have more than their share of vitamins and minerals. They contain more than twice the vitamin C of an orange and help lift the immune system. Other nutritional benefits include thiamine, niacin, folate, magnesium and copper.

Corn: Corn is not only the most loved food in rainy season but it is a life saver too. Corn contains vitamins, minerals and fibre. It contains a much higher amounts of vitamin A than any other whole grain vegetable and provides a number of beneficial antioxidants that may help prevent seasonal disorders.

Bitter gourd: The fresh pods are an excellent remedy for curing respiratory problems like asthma, cold and cough. It also helps build your immunity. Consume it every day to fight against infections and illnesses. Regular consumption of bitter gourd juice may improve your stamina and energy levels which take a back seat during monsoon.

Garlic: People who consume garlic regularly catch few cold and cough. If they get sick, they recover soon. Try eating a clove of garlic daily in any form – fresh or cooked.

Luckily, nature has blessed us with these life-saving vegetables. They are important not only nutritionally but they are equally good in their natural colour and flavour. Have an illness-free monsoon.