Verticon Automation Rises Above the Rest with Their Material Lift Conveyor

Regardless of the specific industry, the manufacturing process involves a great deal of product movement and that doesn’t always involve moving products horizontally. When items need to be moved vertically, or when they have to be transported between levels, you can count on Verticon Automation to provide the ideal solution.
If your organization needs a new vertical conveyor lift, or if you’re interested in upgrading existing equipment, you can trust Verticon for quality equipment. Every vertical conveyor and lift mechanism sold by Verticon is designed to be durable and reliable in industrial settings. Even in cases where you may need to run your systems day and night, a Verticon machine is intended to perform at peak efficiency for decades. Additionally, Verticon knows your business depends on very little downtime, so maintenance requirements are minimal.
Every lift machine sold by Verticon Automation comes with a control panel that’s UL certified. The conpany applies the latest technological advances to their products, so you can feel confident that your new lift machine will be state of the art. The vertical conveyor systems can carry everything from totes and cases to pallets without compromising the condition of the products.
Verticon takes their commitment to quality a step further by offering customized products. They can look at the special needs mandated by your business and help you design a system that will do the job with greater efficiency and reliability. As with any of their lift or conveyor machines, your customized machine will utilize the latest tech advances and will employ the most advanced safety features.
Verticon Automation products can be adapted for indoor or outdoor use, making them versatile, as well as reliable. Each machine comes with an easy to use interface, so installing and operating your device can be accomplished with minimal training. Every machine also meets the standards set forth in OSHA regulations. You can feel confident that your new vertical conveyor will be in compliance with the latest safety standards.
When you’re prepared to install a new quality vertical lift or conveyor, contact a Verticon associate for more information. They can answer specific questions or help you get started on customizing your own system.