The vulnerable places chosen for selling drugs

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The places habitually frequented by children (school, meeting points, discos, etc.) may represent opportunities for encounter with drugs. It is important for the family to pay special attention to the behavior of their child, especially if he sees it as particularly introverted and closed to dialogue. Adolescence is a phase of individual growth that tends to be at risk where poorly tolerated frustrations and the taste of transgression can expose to deviant experiences. “Realizing in time” means being able to intervene before your child has taken drugs or, at least, before the addiction is established. The drugs induce physiological changes (reddened eyes, dilated pupils or “pinheads”, variation in sensitivity to light, etc.) and behavioral (difficulty in reasoning, slow speech or physical excitement and tendency to hyperactivity) which are signals from do not underestimate. In order to take legal action one can always seek legal help from family law firms.

The various effects of these drugs

In general, pay close attention to the return from the evenings with friends and especially on the return from the disco. Some indicators, also present after a few hours, can detect the intake of psychotropic substances: In particular, according to the type of substance taken, there are the following immediate effects the intake of opium initially gives rise to an alteration of the state of consciousness combined with euphoria and, after a few hours, triggers a state of depression, drowsiness and possible disorders of the digestive system and circulation. Also the morphine gives rise, to minimum doses, to phenomena of euphoria, pleasant intoxication and alteration of the state of consciousness, while, at higher doses, it produces cancellation of the perception of pain and deep sleep.

Understanding the various physiological aspects the drugs have on human body

Heroin produces varying effects, between an assumption and the other, but always characterized by alternating euphoric and depressive states, strong excitement and passivity, the elimination of pain, feelings of heat and slowing of the pulsations and breathing; methadone is a potent analgesic and induces a secondary symptomatology characterized by drowsiness, dizziness, sweat, dizziness, itching, vomiting, etc. The first effects of cocaine intake are attributable to a great feeling of strength and energy with reduced fatigue, excitement and verbiage, decreased need for food, euphoria, less sensitivity to fatigue and pain, dilated pupils and hypersensitivity to light. After a few hours, fatigue, drowsiness and depression take over.

The infamous LSD and its impact

The exciting action of amphetamines manifests with a sense of excitement, strengthening of intellectual and memory abilities, euphoria, lack of appetite and insomnia. Hilarity and modification of visual and auditory perceptions are the immediate effects of LSD intake “Psychedelic Journey” is called the impressive experience that derives from the assumption of substance. The “journey” that can last up to 8h, is generally divided into three distinct phases: that of departure or “prevention”, that properly “hallucinatory”, the “depressive” or the return.