World Health Day: Depression and anxiety and how to combat it

When you let go of asking why, how, when, life becomes peaceful with ease and grace (Thinkstock)
When you let go of asking why, how, when, life becomes peaceful with ease and grace (Thinkstock)
Mynoo Maryel, author of ‘The Be Book’, (calls herself a spiritual healer and seer), shares how to combat depressionand anxiety, on World Health Day. She embarked on the pursuit of finding what depression is, what triggers it, and what keeps it in place, what causes it to return, when you think you have dealt with it – knowing that 90 per cent of the solution is found when you understand the problem precisely.

She says, “I was shown in my meditations the words depression, oppression, impression, compression, suppression and expression. I found that the key to what it is, lies in these words. It is the “pression” part, which actually implies, press on, keep the pressure on. Autosuggestion implanted in the atmosphere and propagated by repeated action of humans to keep going no matter what, keeping the pressure on. Using the pressure cooker analogy, when the pressure builds up, it’s time to turn the flame down, if you don’t then the build-up of pressure can release the valve and even destroy the cooker itself.

Impression separates you from the I AM identity of your soul and urges you to press on, keep the pressure on, moving forward getting more and more disconnected from you. Suppression on the other hand is a push to focus on the superficial, again disconnecting us from our core. Compression urges us to compare ourselves to others and keep the pressure on us to compete and compare. Oppression shuts the lid of openness and pushes to keep pressing on, being victimized by external occurrences. Depression is an urge to ignore any dips we may feel and keep pushing forward ignoring our inner call for help. It’s only when we get to expression that everything turns around. All of the previous suggestions become EX (in the past) and you press on ahead expressing who you are, how you feel what you stand for.

What occurs in your life is down to you. You choose. When you reclaim your choice the “press on” auto suggestions that have been planted in our atmosphere have no hold over you and you are emancipated, unleashed and free.

Nobody, nothing gives you anxiety or takes your anxiety away.

  • It is only you. There is only you who can seed experiences of life.
  • There is only you who gets to make choices that you follow.
  • There is only you who turns repetitive thoughts into beliefs that give you your experiences of life.
  • There is only you. Once you accept that wholly and completely, then it is time to focus on you.
  • Make yourself the highest being you can possibly be. Make you as your number one priority.
  • Groom yourself. Adorn your beauty. Go within yourself and get to know yourself inside and out
  • When you are responsible there is no cause for anxiety. There is only managing the situation. There is no asking why.
  • There is only what is. When you let go of asking why, how, when, life becomes peaceful with ease and grace.
  • When you are deeply connected to yourself then all you have to do is ask, if you get anxious, is this mine to do? Ask and reach out for help.
  • Your journey now is to connect with you. Just know that everything is occurring in perfect timing. Keep that trust in this knowing and focus on you.

When there is only you there is no duality. Who are you comparing yourself to? Who is beautiful, who is ugly? You have them both. Who is kind, who was cruel? You are both, too.